Today the church owns a building but more than that it has a beautiful modern well-equipped with furniture, devices and electronics House of God. The Lord rose up many spiritual leaders, and now the church has over 300 different groups and ministries, in which every brother and sister in Christ take care of each other, and the services are not run just in the main church building, but also in other districts of Moscow and Moscow region.



Старший пастор


Senior Pastor


The President of the Association «Churches of Faith», international preacher. He regularly addresses thousands of believers from platforms of evangelical conferences in Russia and abroad, a christian writer.
Matts-Ola was born in a small Swedish town Hudiksval. When he was 10, his family moved to Norway. There he received two high educations, studied pedagogics, children’s psychology, social work, and theology during 5 years. He served in the Norwegian Army, worked in the municipal government in a department on the issues of problem youth.
As he finished the Bible course in Sweden, he became a youth pastor in Oppdal, where he served for 8 years. In 1996 he moved to Russia in order to be an associate pastor at Word of Life church in Moscow, where later he became senior pastor.
Matts-Ola and his wife Randi have a strong marriage and wonderful relationships with their four adopted children.
Matts-Ola is a biker, he is inspired by the nature, hiking in the mountains, fishing and skiing.
Motto for life: «Two are better than one» (Ekklesiastes 4:9).


Christ called us to be the light for this world and salt of the Earth, therefore our priorities are good works, solutions for social problems, engagement in city activities, interaction in the areas of culture and educatuion, working for the social life and city environment.


For the youth of Russia

Few words from Matts-Ola Ishoel

Matts-Ola was born in Norway but he lived in russia for the last 22 years. He is a pastor in Moscow and he dreams to build a house for the youth in Russia. My biggest dream more than anything else has to do with Russia, and I believe that the great future of the Kingdom of God is very much linked to the young generation and our ability to reach them. And that's why we want to build a Christian Youth Center in Moscow. To attract attention to this dream I've decided to drive non-stop by motorcycle through the whole country of Russia, from Vladivostok to Saint-Petersburg. We've called this motorcycle cross-country tour "For The Youth Of Russia", because every dream has its own path that must be travelled.

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The church runs huge work with the youth. It holds the annual Youth conference which gathers about 5000 young people from many cities and towns of Russia and CIS.


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