Our work with Israel

As part of the Judeo-Christian dialogue, every month our Church participates in inter-Church prayers for Israel, which are organized on the basis of several Moscow communities. Such prayers have recently been held in other cities. We regularly take part in helping former young captives of concentration camps, providing them with necessary medicines on a monthly basis.

We also work closely with the Russian Holocaust Foundation, whose President is Alla Gerber, helping to implement the project «Restoring dignity».
As part of this project, mass graves of Jews killed during World war II in Russia are being restored.

Our work related to the repatriation assistance is also beginning to revive. Recently, we decided to work closely with the organization «even-Ezer», whose national Director in Russia is B. F. Vasyukov. Together, we intend to help as many Jews as possible be repatriated to Israel.

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