Why partnership?

Partnership is the most prosperous plan that is exposed in the Bible. As soon as you become a partner through the prayer or the offer, you are directly connected to the gifts, anointing, and revelations of the work of God.
Every time when someone gets salvation, healing or deliverance through the work of the church or on missionary fields, you receive the eternal award. Partnership leads to the maximum effectiveness in harvest of the last days and build up the Body of Christ.
The invitation to the partnership does not mean that you must sign up for some kind of a program. It is a spiritual connection, union, and it is about every part of your life.
We thank you for the opportunity that you give us to be a part of your life!


Partnership programs

Church to the end of the Earth.
We send preachers to churches in Russia, Europe, Asia and Middle East so that they share the teaching of faith and bring up the church ministers. Also we participate actively in organization of conferences in the cities of Russia and worldwide where thousands of people can hear the Gospel.
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Building church
A church without a building is like a family without a house. Right now, the compelling need is the second building for the Word of Life church in Moscow. In the building both social work and work with young people will be held. There will be studying and preparation seminars for leaders, sport and dance ministries and other events.

We help Jewish people to return to their motherland. We participate in constructions of memorials and monuments devoted to the victims of Holocaust. We help the former captives of the concentration camps and ghettos, providing them with the medicines and other charity help.

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